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Really trying not to get my hopes up but..

shonda said arizona would get her mojo back before valentines day, which is next week…

there wasn’t any calzona sneek peeks (because they are trying to be sneaky with the sex) and last episode was limited on the callie/arizona front which mean its time

so yeah screw it my hopes are so fucking up

When you open your tumblr without thinking in class and that is the time someone you follow decides to just reblog all of the porn there has ever been

I constantly have to remind myself that normal functioning members of society watch their tv show and then proceed to live their lives. They don’t all have OTPs and blogs and read fanfics and watch interviews and reruns and cry and develop completely overwhelming feelings towards fictional characters. When people bring up a show I love I just have to sit their like

oh yeah I think I’ve seen that before, it was good.

and my insides are screaming

  • Me: okay im gonna do my homework after this episode
  • Me: well it'll only be like 7:18 by the time it's over so thats enough time
  • Me: *after that episode*
  • Me: maybe just one more i have time
  • Me: plus i have to see what happens
  • Me: *after that next episode* ok its only 10 now i have time for maybe one more
  • Me: but i have work to do
  • Me: *next episode*




So I saw this post come up on my dashboard earlier, and I mean, I couldn’t not… This is why I love this site so much – you people rock.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way

Your blog’s a joke, you’re broke, your OTP is gay

It’s like you’re always just stuck waiting here

For a TV show that has not been on for months, or even for years

But Tumblr’s here for you, when the tears start to fall

Tumblr’s here for you, like no website before

Tumblr’s here for you, cause you’ve got nothing else to do

Credit to danpuditeacupsandcyanide, and apushinthewrongdirection for their collaborative text post lyrics! Enjoy. :)

well damn

Oh my.

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here’s the thing we started out as friends

it was cool but it was all pretend

yeah yeah

since you’ve been naan

when you figure out who the killer is before Jane or Maura and you are literally yelling at your tv telling them to FUCKING RUN